It’s been 3 months since I presented at SMX West in San Jose, and about 2 months since I presented at Pubcon New Orleans. At both shows, I spoke about building an efficient reporting product, as well as another few specific ways to do some common and necessary Paid Search tasks. I thought I would post a recap of that content here, and am finally getting around to doing it. :)

Quick side note – both shows were great. If you are interested in attending a conference about search marketing and social media, both the Pubcon and the SMX series are FANtastic.

Now, without further ado…

Efficiency is key to Search Marketing. There is no end to the amount of time you can spend optimizing and analyzing, tweaking and testing your accounts and programs. You have enough to do just figuring out enhanced campaigns or whatever the new algorithm update is all about – you don’t have time to spend hours every week pulling and massaging numbers. Don’t get me wrong – effective reporting and tracking is vitally important to success in search, and should be in every marketer’s utility belt. But the best reporting is both comprehensive and FAST. Continue reading

In the spirit of self-congratulatory praise, I thought I would take a moment to mention two recent mentions I received out of the blue, both praising (somewhat blindly) my paid search expertise.

The first was a few months ago, but hey – if you are going to shamelessly draw attention to yourself, you might as well include everything. I was included on a list of The 25 Most Influential PPC Experts by the PPCHero blog. PPCHero is run by Hanapin Marketing, an agency that specializes in Paid Search marketing services and also runs a PPC conference called HeroConf. They apparently had some kind of methodology to get the list – and while I don’t necessarily agree with the list or my inclusion on it, I’m flattered anyway. #22!

The second mention I got was in a recent interview with Paid Search expert John Rampton, who mentioned me as an important person to watch in the search marketing space. This was on a recent interview with Performance Marketing Insider. Thanks John!

End of bragging. Carry On.

So I have to apologize – I left today’s post in my other pants..err.. blog. :) Yesterday I wrote a post called Which Metric is Best and posted it to the NewMixMarketing Blog (NMMBlog). NewMixMarketing is a new site that my good friend and social media consultant, blogger & author Josh Peters has started, in collaboration with some experts in various fields. It’s a group effort, where each of us posts on a specific topic once a week (my topic being PPC or Paid Search). We’ve got the written stylings of Josh Peters, Scott Duehlmeier, Nick Johnson, Darin “Doc” Berntson, Jessica Petersen & myself, covering Social Media, PR, Branding, SEO, PPC, Design, etc. There are already some great posts up, so I’m really excited about where this is going.

My post yesterday dealt with choosing the right metrics to track your paid search campaigns. It’s my first post on the blog, but you can expect more every week on Thursday. Take a look! :)

I am speaking at SMX WestSome good news – coming up on March 8th-10th I will be speaking at SMX West in San Jose, CA. SMX or Search Marketing Expo is a series of conferences, dealing with Search Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, etc) run by the same folks that run It’s a great opportunity, and I’m super excited!

There is one downside though – SMX is at the same time as the Omniture Summit, which I haven’t missed for three years. It’s a fantastic conference as well, and is full of fun activities like skiing & Karaoke as well. (Yes, the sound is bad & I look shlubby, but I’m rockin’ pretty hard :))
I am going to miss going to that show for sure.

The other negative is that ANOTHER conference, PubCon South, is the same few days. I don’t know who is picking the conference days, but this has got to stop. Two search conferences on the same days? That’s just bad business. Way to split your audience. I know a lot of search marketers will be at PubCon instead of SMX West, and I don’t like it.

Despite these conflicts, I’m excited to speak. I’ll be speaking on the panel Ecommerce & Retail Search Marketing Tactics on the 9th at 5pm. If you are going to be in San Jose for the show or any other reason – leave me a note in the comments or shoot me an email (rickgalan at gmail) and we should definitely meet up!