It turns out that I’m speaking at a few search marketing conferences coming up in the next few months, so I thought I would post which shows I’m attending in case you will be there and want to meet, catch up, etc. I wasn’t really planning on attending all 3 of these, but the stars aligned and my boss is pretty great, and gave me the green light.

I am speaking at SMX WestFirst up – SMX West in San Jose

If you have never been to one of the SMX shows, you are missing out. Search Marketing Expo is run by the ThirdDoorMedia team – the same folks that bring us, & more. They run a fantastic show, and always draw a ton of really great speakers, as well as hacks like me. :)


Next one I’ll be at is HeroConf in Austin

HeroConf is a new show put on by Hanapin Marketing out of Bloomington Indiana. It is apparently the only Paid Search-specific conference, and was quite popular last year among search marketers whom I respect. I’m excited to be speaking and attending!


Lastly, I’ll be speaking at Pubcon NOLA (New Orleans)

I’m really excited for this one – I’ve never been to New Orleans. :) Pubcon puts on a great show every year in Las Vegas in the fall, but I’ve never spoken there or even been to any of their other shows. The sessions are usually very good, but the networking is what really makes these shows top-notch.


So there you have it. Conferences – all in March and April. Let me know if you are going to be at any of these shows either in the comments, on twitter, email me (rickgalan at the gmail), or however you want to.

In the spirit of self-congratulatory praise, I thought I would take a moment to mention two recent mentions I received out of the blue, both praising (somewhat blindly) my paid search expertise.

The first was a few months ago, but hey – if you are going to shamelessly draw attention to yourself, you might as well include everything. I was included on a list of The 25 Most Influential PPC Experts by the PPCHero blog. PPCHero is run by Hanapin Marketing, an agency that specializes in Paid Search marketing services and also runs a PPC conference called HeroConf. They apparently had some kind of methodology to get the list – and while I don’t necessarily agree with the list or my inclusion on it, I’m flattered anyway. #22!

The second mention I got was in a recent interview with Paid Search expert John Rampton, who mentioned me as an important person to watch in the search marketing space. This was on a recent interview with Performance Marketing Insider. Thanks John!

End of bragging. Carry On.