Stormtrooper New Years ResolutionGiven the time of year, you might think that it’s fairly cliche to put a post up about goal setting and resolutions… But you know what? I’m good with it. Why not take the time that everyone takes for a little introspection and stock-taking of your life?

I actually started thinking about goal setting a few weeks ago because we were gearing up to go into full “employee review” mode at work. I realized right away that the goals that I had set for myself and with my team were less than ideal. Not all of that is my fault – there is a lot of bureaucracy in that process at my work and our goals have to fit inside a particular set of checkboxes. But letting the bureaucracy get in the way of benefits of setting goals is crap, and that’s what I did.

What I SHOULD have done is check those boxes with the numbers and goals that fit the requirements, and then augment those requirements with goals that better fit my team and my specific needs and strengths. So that’s what I’m looking into now – setting the goals I need to set, but not neglecting the goals I should set.

I’ve also been thinking about a few resolutions, and some things that I could do better. I’ve found that I’m not good at the little, daily things that I know I should do but somehow never get around to. The type of things I wish¬†were habits, but I haven’t been able to make stick. So I’ve added a category to my task list (I’m a bit compulsive with the to-do list) called “Daily” and added a few things to it that I want to do every day. So far it’s helped to have the daily reminder show up on my phone and tablet and laptop and everything (he says, 4 days in). I’m going with the Seinfeld Don’t Break The Chain¬†method of motivation, because it adds personal accountability, and that’s what I believe it takes.

Nothing too drastic, and really not too specific. I’m leaving myself the option to change out what the daily tasks are, so I guess my resolution is to actually have the list of daily habits that I stick to. We’ll see how it goes.

What about you? Resolutions?