With all the coverage on basically every marketing or SEO blog, you are likely aware of Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and even Ask’s announcement a few weeks ago of support of the Canonical URL Tag. It was big news (well.. big news if you are an online marketer.. if you are a normal person it’s actually pretty unexciting). Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz even referred to it as the “biggest change to SEO best practices since the emergence of Sitemaps“.

Now that all the freaking out about change has died down (Holy crap! Google changed the color of their wallpaper! Quick, let’s all write 300,000 blog posts about it!), I wanted to share my thoughts on this development (go 300,001). Continue reading

I was poking around on Shopping.com the other day, doing some research for another blog post, and I came across something that made me think:

It’s Shopping.com’s header, with an exciting little vertical word above it that says “Advertisement”. Awesome right?

It’s understandable (I guess) that Shopping.com won’t be able to sell all the available adspace on their giant website. I mean, they have hundreds of thousands of pages to populate with targeted and meaningful advertisements right? It’s not out of the question that they would have some fall through the cracks, right? Continue reading

Over at eCommerce Optimization a well thought-through and very thorough list was posted called eCommerce & Shopping Cart Usability: 21 Best Practices. In this great article, the author ‘eCopt’ lists 20 very solid recommendations for any ecommerce site. The 21st on the other hand, is an absolute show stopper:

Test different combinations of best practices to see which ones produce the best results for your store and shopping cart.

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