I just created the following logic on my phone to preserve battery life. Yes, I am a nerd, but having the flexibility to be this nerdy is awesome. :)

Automate It battery flow

This was created using a cool app called Automate It, which allows you to create all sorts of custom rules and logic. I use it to automatically enable GPS with specific apps, trigger events like a FourSquare check-in using NFC, all sorts of fun.

Oh.. I also created the flow chart (using MindJet Maps) and created this post all on my phone.

For the win!

Lately I’ve been playing around with my phone’s homescreen – trying to bring a little more aesthetic to the screen I look at about 1000 times a day. I’ve been drawing some inspiration from the contributors over at MyColorScreen – Some really awesome designs there.

So without further ado.. I give you “Smooth Criminal”

Smooth Criminal Home Screen


Here are the details…

The background came from the Zedge app, uploaded by “I_SULTAAN_I”. The icons were from an icon pack called Lucid Rounds. The weather and time and whatnot are all a single widget from the Zooper Widget app.
I use Nova Launcher Prime as the very customizable (and highly recommended) launcher that allows me to replace icons and customize the layout. It’s set to a desktop grid of 9×5 icons, with the dock disabled. Most of the visible icons are actually links to folders with apps links inside.

So what do you think? Have you customized your home screen? If so, I would love to see it. I love Android. :)