Poking around on LinkedIn today, I stumbled across the “Who’s Viewed My Profile” application. I don’t check it very often because I only run the free version, and you can’t see much detail about who is looking at your profile when you don’t pay. This time though, it showed me a name that intrigued me.

LinkedIn Profile ViewsI clicked through on to Marios Alexandrou’s profile, interested to see why some random search marketing guy was checking out my profile. I didn’t find anything too exciting to tip me off as to why, so I clicked on his sem and seo blog.

Gasp! That was the exact same blog template that I was running! The audacity of it all! And he had only been running his blog for… oh wait… he’s got like a hundred posts and I only have 7. Grumble grumble.

Normally I wouldn’t care. You can’t really be too picky about that sort of thing when you get your wordpress theme from the official wordpress themes site. But it was too much for me to have an almost identical site as someone else blogging in the same industry, so I made a change.

After spending all evening working on it, I have taken the base design & theme and tweaked it to where I think I want it to be for a while. I actually like this better than the one I had before.

So what do you think? Ideas for improvement (aside from writing more often – I know, I know…)?

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