In the spirit of self-congratulatory praise, I thought I would take a moment to mention two recent mentions I received out of the blue, both praising (somewhat blindly) my paid search expertise.

The first was a few months ago, but hey – if you are going to shamelessly draw attention to yourself, you might as well include everything. I was included on a list of The 25 Most Influential PPC Experts by the PPCHero blog. PPCHero is run by Hanapin Marketing, an agency that specializes in Paid Search marketing services and also runs a PPC conference called HeroConf. They apparently had some kind of methodology to get the list – and while I don’t necessarily agree with the list or my inclusion on it, I’m flattered anyway. #22!

The second mention I got was in a recent interview with Paid Search expert John Rampton, who mentioned me as an important person to watch in the search marketing space. This was on a recent interview with Performance Marketing Insider. Thanks John!

End of bragging. Carry On.

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