I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Mike Moran‘s most recent book, Do It Wrong Quickly (Quick note – I haven’t yet read the book, just a number of posts and reviews about it. It’s on my list, ok?). You can read the gist of the book on his site, but in 1 sentence taken from the description at Amazon:

“Moran shows how to quickly transition from plan then execute to a non-stop cycle of refinement.”

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With Technorati tracking more than 108.4 million blogs, why on earth would anyone add to the already overcrowded world of blogging? Especially a blog about internet marketing!
To be honest, it was a hard decision to make. I mean, who really has the time, you know? Between work, school, wife, kids & my aggressive television viewing schedule there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to sit down and type.
So why do it? Well, here are my 5 best reasons for writing a blog
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