I am approaching my final day at 1-800 Contacts.
“What? Didn’t you just start working there a few years ago?”
Why yes I did. Almost exactly two years ago. But as it turns out, even though I wasn’t looking an opportunity found me that was too good not to pursue. So my last day as Associate Director of Search Marketing at 1-800 Contacts will be this Friday, and my first day as Director of Digital Channel Development at Blendtec is Monday.

Image Courtesy of Blendtec.com
Image courtesy of Blendtec.com

If you aren’t familiar with Blendtec, they are the makers of extremely high-end blenders and mixers. You see them often at Costco, demonstrating their awesome blenditude. You may also likely have seen them on WillItBlend.com, turning rakes, golf balls  and iPhones into dust. Pretty awesome.

My new role will be broader than it is today – I’ll be overseeing the digital presence for Blendtec. It includes the eCommerce, the wonderfully fun WillItBlend, and all the digital marketing channels. I am SUPER excited – it’s going to be awesome.

But it’s a little bittersweet – I wasn’t really ready to leave 1-800 Contacts behind just yet. They are a great organization, with a lot of awesome potential still, and a fantastic place to work. I really like the people I work with there, and am sad to leave them.

So that’s what’s up with me. What’s up with you?

7 thoughts on “Goodbye Contacts, Hello Blenders

  1. Rick,

    Congratulations on the new position! You’re an amazingly talented and caring person. I know you’re going to rock it at Blendtec!

  2. What am I up to? Well, starting Monday I’ll be mourning your departure. In happier news, Cali gave me an idea and from now on I’m going to call you Ricky.

    • Typically people only call me Ricky after having known me for like 7 years or so. I’ll make an exception in your case though.


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