Reading through the usual list of hundreds of blog posts that my Google Reader picks up every day, I came across two different articles on CSS design. Clean and clear CSS can save you hours of needless “figuring it out” on a large website or project, so I thought it would be good to share.

The first is an article on Vitamin called Creating Sexy Stylesheets. Here Jina Bolton gives 10 CSS tips she created by talking with top designers. The tips are centered around clean and easy to follow and update CSS. Anyone who works on a large, dynamic site knows that the CSS can very easily get out of hand. Jina has some great advice on how to keep it manageable and scalable.

The second article is on A List Apart, and is called Frameworks for Designers. Jeff Croft takes the web development principle and applies it to design and CSS. The idea is that you build a framework for your design, as well as your applications. Croft defines a framework as:

…a set of tools, libraries, conventions, and best practices that attempt to abstract routine tasks into generic modules that can be reused.

Both of these articles are great resources for streamlining your design if you have a complicated site. By the way, if have not strolled through those two sites, please do. Especially A List Apart – a must read if you work in site design. Just thought I would pass them along.

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