You know the one I am talking about. He’s the guy in your office that the boss thinks is great but everyone who works with him thinks he’s a tool. Here are are the warning signs…

  • Thinks that he is very smart and valuable. Reality does not agree.
  • He uses every marketing cliche he has ever heard. All of them. Repeatedly. And incorrectly.
  • He is very busy all day long.. but it’s mostly on Facebook or his personal email.
  • Ideas the team came up with together are presented to the boss when he is alone with him.
  • Plans for action that have already been decided on are sent out as “suggestions” in an email to the entire department.
  • He name drops all the time.
  • He always takes credit for everything good, but never takes any responsibility for anything bad.
  • Really, really doesn’t know what he’s doing. Talks a good game though.
  • Talks that good game all the time.
  • A complete yes-man to the boss.
  • Relies on other’s opinions in order to form any of his own.
  • Won’t actually state an opinion until he hears what everyone else’s is, in case he is wrong.
  • …what else can you come up with?

Don’t be that guy.

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