I just created the following logic on my phone to preserve battery life. Yes, I am a nerd, but having the flexibility to be this nerdy is awesome. :)

Automate It battery flow

This was created using a cool app called Automate It, which allows you to create all sorts of custom rules and logic. I use it to automatically enable GPS with specific apps, trigger events like a FourSquare check-in using NFC, all sorts of fun.

Oh.. I also created the flow chart (using MindJet Maps) and created this post all on my phone.

For the win!

2 thoughts on “Android Automation FTW!

  1. Super Nerdy… and Amazing. I hate when my battery starts to die but then I have to waste more battery disabling all sorts of battery draining functions, one by one.

    Downloading the app right now. Will make something equally as nerdy and send it your way.


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