I am an online marketer living near Salt Lake City, Utah with my wife and 5 kids. I’ve recently moved into the Head of Digital Marketing role at Qualtrics – an amazing opportunity that I’m super excited about.

Before taking my current position, I was the Director of Digital Marketing for Blendtec, where I was fortunate enough to build and work with an amazing team, focusing on our customer’s journey and engagement with the brand across all digital channels and properties. Prior to that, I was the Associate Director of Search Marketing at 1-800 Contacts where I oversaw the paid and organic search strategy for the 1-800 Contacts and Glasses.com brands. Before that, I served as Director of Paid Search Marketing for Mercent Corporation and even longer ago I held a number of online and website marketing positions within Overstock.com.

Before Overstock, I worked mainly in IT and NOC positions, securing my position in this world as a geek. I completed an undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University in Neuroscience, and am still thinking about returning to school for a graduate degree.

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Oh, and by way of disclaimer, please keep in mind that everything that is written here is written by me, and is not endorsed, sponsered or otherwise affiliated with any company or individual that I work (or have worked) with or for. Unless I say so. So there.